About Miane's Shoppe

Hello Friend! I am Missy and I am happy to meet you.

I started Miane’s Shoppe in 2018 to make it easy for people to find comfy clothing to fall in love with. 

Be comfy & confident in your clothes & jewelry. No Need to be uncomfortable to be cute.

I am an average mom who likes to be comfortable in the clothes she is wearing. I love soft fabrics, fun prints or sayings that let me express myself without saying a word.

After working an office job for 15 years, I decided to do what I enjoy and share my clothing passion with other women. I try to find unique, sometimes stylish items that you’re not going to find other places. I try to find the best quality and price available. I want the clothes to be comfortable. When you put it on the first thing you say is “omg this is soft!” or “wow this fits great”. I love getting an item into someone’s had and them absolutely loving it.

I am obsessed with my kid which is why I have some kind of mom lifestyle phrase tee’s in the shop.

What started as a dream for a clothing boutique quickly blossomed into accessories, fun apparel, office apparel and many more amazing items I plan to add to Miane’s Shoppe every week. 

Thank you for visiting Miane’s Shoppe.

Missy "Miane"


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